BETA v0.1

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32 considerations

In the planning stage, the project’s intended and expected value are identified. Goals and evaluation metrics are defined. Partners are identified and vetted. An adaptable plan is created to govern implementation of the data collaborative.


28 considerations

In the collecting stage, data is collected and verified according to needs of the data collaborative while protecting data subject privacy and adhering to regulations.


16 considerations

In the processing stage, data is stored, accessed, aggregated, and taxonomized for analysis and use according to the needs of the data collaborative.


8 considerations

In the sharing stage, operational aspects between partners are coordinated, trust is established and maintained, third parties are engaged if necessary, and data and/or knowledge is transferred.


20 considerations

In the analyzing stage, exploratory and targeted data analyses are conducted, algorithms are applied, and quantitative results are developed.


15 considerations

In the using stage, findings are framed and released to the public, actionable recommendations are developed, plans are implemented to retain or destroy data, and data collaborative performance is reflected upon.

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